Green Tea

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Tea is a part of Vietnamese lifetime, we appreciate and enjoy our unique green tea. Green tea is a delicate, original-tasting beverage.
With long history in cultivation, we know the secret of growing and processing to have the finest tea. Recently, Vietnam’s green tea has gained its reputation in the world. Trade-marks of Thai Nguyen green tea, Shan Tuyet tea have been recognized worldwide thanks to their unique aroma and delicious taste.
Taking tea leaves and buds from gardens that are located in the most famous cultivation area: Thai Nguyen, Ha Giang, Son La, Lai Chau, Moc Chau, AJ Trading provides the best green teas that are graded in more than hundred types: OPA, OP, Thai Nguyen green tea, Shan Tuyet tea, Gunpowder, Chunmee, Sencha,…
Thai Nguyen green tea : for the connoisseur in tea drinking, unique tea grown in Dai Tu hamlet. Thai Nguyen province, is their best choice. It is said that this particular region has a very special taste, aroma and liquor.
Shan Tuyet tea: special green tea called “Snow Green Tea”. Only Shan Tuyet tea trees in Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Son La are growing naturally, no fertilizer, no insecticides.
Shan Tuyet tea is a natural and clean tea. Those tea trees in Ha Giang have a long-standing form with 6-9 meters of height. These special features bring a subtle drink.
-Depending on the quality of green tea which is divided into green tea products at all levels of different types. TCVN, green tea exports are graded like OP, P, BP, BPS and F.
– Our tea is produced on modern lines of Japan and Taiwan with 100% natural flavors do not use chemicals.